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Smart assistence to protect your holding

It's hard to track everyday, This product is an outcome when an engineer starts trading, He needs data to validate logic, easy way to make maximum profits by tracking stocks and protect money.

Intelligent Portfolio

For DIY Investor portfolio should be intelligent to auto track technical and fundamental analysis and send your alters so you can perform better actions at right time.

Upcoming IPO

IPO is the best way to make 2X profits. You need timed information about Upcoming IPO and IPO company details to take decisions, even some time we want to track new IPO stock to get in.

Dividend | OFS | Buy Back

Every time when stock gives dividend it goes up and you can make 10 to 15% profit form it. You need a timed alert for all corporate actions.

Market Watch | Stock Alerts | Buy and Sell

Stock market is a passive income you can not sit on it full time so to protect your money you need a system to alert you on time.

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